As owners of “Le Relais” we hope to offer you a pleasant stay in our beautiful and large holiday home.
Before we can do this, these steps need to be taken:

  • Booking (also called reservation), of which you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail;
  • (Down) payment, after which your booking is definitive;
  • You will receive at the latest 6 weeks before your arrival, when the full amount has been paid, a booking ticket. Together with the previously received booking confirmation and these general terms and conditions, this is the rental agreement; and
  • Then it’s time to enjoy your well-deserved stay!

Our general terms and conditions have been carefully drafted and serve both your interest as a renter and well as our interest as owners.

Our offer and your booking

  • Website information. The information about our holiday home on our website has been carefully selected. It may occur that the description or photo’s don’t represent the current situation. It might be, for instance, that the pool is closed in winter time, that we have replaced one of the couches inside or that the bakery is a bit longer of a walk than it seemed. As long as these differences are not too big, we can’t be liable for them. Otherwise we’d appreciate to hear from you.
  • Mistake. If it’s obvious we made a mistake, for instance because the rental price on the website is not realistic, we can’t be held responsible.
  • Definitive booking. When you’ve made a booking request this booking is only definitive after we’ve received the down payment plus deposit.
  • Guest (contact) information. We require information about you and your guests for the booking. We will only use your information for this purpose and will never share your information without prior written consent from your side, unless we are obliged by law to share your information with a third party or in order to execute our work as owners properly.
  • In case anyone in your company has special mental or physical requirements, we can only facilitate these in case you’ve notified us beforehand.

Rental price

  • Payment. You are obliged to pay the full rental price in euro. The day the payment is received on our bank account counts as the day of payment. When you pay in a different currency, any difference in price due to currency fluctuation is for your account.
  • Payment term. After you’ve made your booking, you are obliged to pay at least 50% of the rental price within 5 working days as a down payment. Your booking is only definitive after this payment. In case you did a minimal down payment, you are obliged to pay the rest of the rental price and the deposit at least 10 weeks prior to arrival. When you book less than 10 weeks prior to arrival, you will pay the full rental price and deposit immediately.
  • Deposit and additional costs. We require a deposit for the use of the holiday home. In addition, extra costs may occur. The way these extra costs and the deposit need to be paid is described in the rental agreement.
  • Too late. In case we didn’t receive the rental price and deposit within the aforementioned payment term, not even after a reminder, we will terminate the rental agreement and charge cancellation costs and possible incasso costs. You understand that after termination of the rental agreement other guests can book the holiday home and that we no longer guarantee the availability of the holiday home in case of late payment.

Adjustments and cancellation

  • Adjustments. The owner can make small adjustments in your rental agreement, but will clearly inform you about these. In case of large adjustments, the owner will ask you if you accept these or would rather cancel your booking. In case you wish to change the rental agreement, we will charge you cancellation fees.
  • Cancellation by owner. Of course we’d rather not disappoint you, but it may occur that we cancel your definitive booking the first working day after your booking has been made definitive through a (down) payment. Your (down) payment will then be returned to you.
  • Cancellation fees in case of cancellation by renter. When your booking has been made definitive, you will be charged in case of cancellation. The closer we get to your arrival date, the more costs we’ve made to prepare your stay. The conditions applicable to your booking can be found in the rental agreement. In case you’ve made your booking through the website of one of our partners, it may be that the cancellation terms of this partner are applicable. In that case, these will be mentioned when you make your booking. We process cancellations the following working day. In case we receive a cancellation at the end of a working day, we will process this the following working day. The following working day is determining the cancellation fees.


  • Check-in. Normally you can check in between 16.00 and 18.00 hours PM. If this is different for your stay, you will find the check-in time in the rental agreement. The owner can agree on a different check-in time with you. The check-in time will always be confirmed in writing or per e-mail to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Check-out. You will find the time for check-out in the rental agreement. If you haven’t departed the holiday home by check-out time you will be charged extra. The standard time for check-out is 11:00 hours AM, unless agreed upon differently.
  • Expectations. Just like you may expect a pleasant stay from us, we expect you and your company to behave as good guests according to our and the caretakers’ instructions. This means we at least expect you and your company to (i) do not cause any disturbance; (ii) make use of the provided bed linen; (iii) leave the house the way you found it, with the dishes done and the floor sweeped.In case you neglect to do this, we will charge extra cleaning costs or terminate the rental agreement. In this case you will not be compensated.
  • Damage. It is possible that you or your company cause damage in or around the house. Please notify the caretaker as soon as possible in case this happens, so nobody will be faced with unpleasant surprises. You are liable for any damage you or your guests have caused.
  • Help and assistance. Are you in urgent need of personal help or assistance during your stay, please contact the caretaker for information. You’ll receive any necessary contact information as soon as you’ve paid the total rental price.
  • Caretaker. To ensure a carefree holiday, it is sometimes necessary for the caretaker to be present at the location during your stay, for example to check the pool systems or in case of bad weather to check any possible damage to the garden or house. In case the caretaker needs to come to the location, they will notify you beforehand.
  • Unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances. In case your stay is affected by circumstances outside your or our scope of influence (such as calamities or a negative (red) travelling advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), you can cancel your rental agreement and we will reimburse any payments you’ve made to us. Circumstances you could have covered through insurance are not considered to be such calamities. We can’t be held liable for any costs evolving from such circumstances.

We are neither liable for any damage resulting from circumstances you, your company or third parties have caused, for example problems with electricity or water, extraordinary weather conditions or fire in the holiday home.

Not as expected

  • Notification. In case your stay is not as expected, please notify the caretaker immediately. This will give us the opportunity to find a fitting solution, within reasonable scope and costs. In case you fail to notify us, you lose the right to any compensation.
  • Complaint. In case your stay is severely affected and it’s not possible to find a solution or alternative, you are entitled to terminate the rental agreement and might be compensated through a discount on your rental price. In case we fail to present a fitting solution within a reasonable timeframe, you can file a complaint as indicated on our website. Please file your complaint 2 months after your stay at the latest, we will then handle your complaint within 1 month.
  • Travel disputes committee. Of course we hope this won’t be necessary, but in case your complaint is not handled by us as you wish, you are able to forward your complaint to the Travel disputes committee.

To avoid confusion

  • Vacation. Because this is a holiday home, you can rent our house for a maximum of 3 months.
  • Adults. You can only make a booking when you’re at least 18 years old.
  • Youth groups. The holiday home is mainly meant for family groups, so groups that consist of only youth will not be allowed. We consider any person below 25 years youth. Any booking that is not in line with this will be cancelled and cancellation costs will be charged.
  • Parties, events and gatherings with guests. The holiday home is meant for you and your company. It is not allowed to organise parties, events or gatherings with guests other than your travelling company. In case you neglect this, we will terminate the rental agreement and charge (cleaning) costs unless agreed upon differently.
  • Applicable law. Dutch law is applicable. The qualified judge is the judge in Amsterdam only